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Welcome to Biblio-Connecting Aug 2017

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How to Cure Rocky Mountain Book Fever

Mastering the Masters, Morris Library, UDEL, Aug 9th

Miniature Book Fair, Oakland, August 13th 

Papermania Plus, Hartford


All About Little Blue Books

Jeff Peachey on Miniature Books and Gargantuan Books

Bruce E. McKinney on the Complications of Collections for a 70 Year Old

NYC: Book Row

Hogarth's London:  Then and Now

Detective Pilcrow and the Search for Missing Punctuation
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 My July post to My Sentimental Library blog was on cookbooks. And when I saw that Vulpes Libris would be posting about cookbooks in July as well, my choice for Blog Pick of the Month was a no-brainer.

Vulpes Libris


My Sentimental Library

A Conglomeration of Cookbooks Collected By a Man Who Doesn't Cook

Contemplations of Moibibliomaniac

Tales From the Dodger Dugout by Carl Erskine

Cursory Remarks About Politics (CRAP)

Some Not-So-Great News Clippings From Down Under

Seeing Red, Feeling Blue, and Turning Purple

Lady Justice Smiling Down


My Sentimental Library

August:  Bathrooms, Outhouses, and Bodily Functions

September:  Charles Lamb and His Books

Contemplations of Moibibliomaniac

Presidential Lottery: The Reckless Gamble in Our Electoral System by James A. Michener (1969)


The Samuel Johnson Encyclopedia by Pat Rogers, Westport:  Greenwood Press, 1996

The Library: The Transactions of the Bibliographical Society, Seventh Series, Volume 18 Number 2, June 2017

The Southern Johnsonian  Vol 24 No. 85 June 2017 (The Johnson Society of Australia)

"Magnificence of Promises:"  Samuel Johnson and Advertising by Kate Burridge,  The David Fleeman Memorial Lecture 2013, Melbourne:  The Johnson Society of Australia, 2017

The Message of the Scrolls by Yigael Yadin, New York: Simon and Shuster, 1957 (3rd printing)

The Bluffer's Guide to Literature by Martin Seymour-Smith and Eugene Rachlis. New York: Crown Publishers, 1971

The Fine Art of Printing:  An Address Delivered Before a Convention of the American Library Association at Berkeley, California in 1915 by T M. Cleland, New York: NYPL, 1960

Edmund Geste and His Books  by  David G. Selwyn, London: Bibliographical Society, 2017

Books on Ice:  British & American Literature of Polar Exploration by David H. Stam & Deirdre C. Stam, New York:  The Grolier Club 2005

The Newberry Library Bulletin, Vol. VI, No. 10, May 1979 (contains "Footnotes to the History of Classification" by David H. Stam)

"Congering" the Past:  The Books of the Lady Franklin Bay Expedition (1881-84), Before and After by David H. Stam, Philadelphia:  American Philosophical Society, 2013 (an offprint from North by Degree: New Perspectives on Arctic Exploration, a 2013 publication by the American Philosophical Society of a lecture delivered five years earlier at the International Polar Year symposium  at the Philadelphia Museum of Natural Science)

"Prove All Things:  Hold Fast That Which Is Good":  Deaccessioning and Research Libraries by David H. Stam, [Chicago]: ACRL, 1982 (an offprint from College and Research Libraries, January 1982)

"Innocents on the Ice:"  The Evolution of an Exhibition by David H. Stam, New Yoek:  Grolier Club, 2006  (an offprint from Gazette of the Grolier Club, Number 57, 2006)

Bassett Jones, the Grolier Club, and the 1932 Polar Exhibition:  Two Thousand Items and Counting by David H. Stam, New York:  Grolier Club, 2010, {an offprint from Gazette of the Grolier Club, No. 61, 2010)

Spy Schools:  How the CIA, FBI and Foreign Intelligence Secretly Exploit America's Universities by David Golden, New York:  Henry Holt and Company, 2017 (Advance Reader Copy–book due out Oct 2017)

The Italian Letter:  How the Bush Adminisitration Used a Fake Letter to Build the Case for War in Iraq by Peter Eisner and Knute Royce, Emmaus, Pa: Rodale, c2007

Provincial America 1690-1740 by Evarts Boutell Greene, New York:  J. & J. Harper, 1968 (1905)

The English Language by R. W. Burchfield, London: Folio Society, 2006

No Phoenix, No Ashes:  The United Nations and Its First Years by Bruce McCullen, York, Pa: Maple Press, 1951

The Six Nations of New York:  The 1892 United States Extra Census Bulletin by Robert W. Venables, Ithaca:  Cornell University Press, 1995.

The Gospels of Saint Matthew, Saint Mark, Saint Luke and Saint John, Together With the Acts of the Apostles, According to the Authorized King James Version, with Reproductions of Religious Paintings in the Samuel H. Kress Collection by the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, New York:  Samuel H. Kress Foundation, 1959.

Sir Tristrem:  A Metrical Romance of The Thirteenth Century by Thomas of Erceldoune, Called The Rhymer.  Edited From the Auchinleck Ms. by Walter Scott, Esq.  Edinburgh:  Printed for Archibald Constable and Company 1811

And finally

Funk & Wagnalls Standard Encyclopedia of the World's Knowledge New York: Funk & Wagnalls Company, [1912], 25 volumes (This set rests on a makeshift shelf which fits on top of the bookcase in the hallway outside of my library proper).

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Ellen G. K. Rubin said...

Ellen G. K. Rubin aka The Popuplady and Ticknor and Movable Book Society member welcomes Ticknor members to the Brooklyn Antiquarian Book Fair, September 8-10, 2017 in Greenpoint Brooklyn.
There several special events like popUPmania! The Popuplady will deliver a lecture on Saturday, Sept. 9 at 1 PM called, "A Brief 900-year History of Movables" and mount an historical exhibition from her collection. On Sunday, Sept. 10 at 1 PM The Popuplady will dramatize the Three Little Pigs from a pop-up book and at 1:30 PM, Matthew Reinhart, paper engineer extraordinaire, will give a talk called, Cut, Fold, and Repeat.

Please attend and find wonderful books, especially at The Popuplady's booth, to see movables rare and delightful.