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Last month I posted a photo album of the Florida Bibliophile Society's tour of USF Special Collections.  Now a picture might be worth a thousand words, but when you add thousands of words to describe those pictures, it is well worth another look.  Kudos to FBS Secretary Gary Simons and The Florida Bibliophile Newsletter Editor Charles Brown:


Here are some photos of the presentation of Cameron McNabb, our guest speaker in March:

Cameron McNabb on Paradise Lost

FBS Speaker for National Poetry Month

FBS Member Peter Hargitai in Hollywood!
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Peter was our speaker for National Poetry Month last year.  And besides his poetry, he talked about his book Daughter of the Revolution and gave a "behind-the-scenes look" of the making of the documentary by Tunde Talas.  You can read about it in the May 2017  Florida Bibliophile.

Results of the Lee J. Harrer Student Book Collecting Essay Contest
See below

$500 Winner:  Autumn Howard, USF Sarasota-Manatee
$100 Runner-Up:  Jaya Nair,  St. Petersburg College
$100  Runner-Up:  Tara Kraft,  Arizona State University (online)

Autumn Howard will read her winning essay at the Florida Bibliophile Society Banquet at Brio Tuscan Grille, Tampa on May 20th. All thirteen contestants were awarded free FBS membership for the remainder of this season and next. Thanks go to the FBS members who distributed contest posters throughout the Tampa Bay area. We had thirteen students from nine different colleges submit essays. Thanks go to FBS founding member Lee J. Harrer for providing $500 towards the contest. And thanks go to Micheal Slicker, Proprietor of Lighthouse Books, and to the Florida Antiquarian Booksellers Association for providing $100 each towards the contest.

Florida Antiquarian Book Fair
Say hello to the members of the Florida Bibliophile Society at the Hospitality Table near the entrance to the book fair!  And stop by and see me and Irene Pavese on Sunday when we do book appraisals.


A personal milestone.  I finally completed the cataloging of the 255 volumes of dictionaries and other reference works that the American lexicographer Joseph E. Worcester bequeathed to Harvard in 1866.  I've been cataloging the books at my leisure for the last 18 months or so.  Next up is to catalog the 1395 volumes listed in a catalog of Worcester's personal library.  It will be easier to catalog them since they are listed by title only, whereas the 255 volumes given to Harvard were listed by author, title, date and place printed:
An American Lexicographer on Library Thing!


Kate, The Parchment Girl


FBS Member Ben Wiley's Review

Designing a Uniform Series

A Lightning-Fast Rare Book Appraiser

An Impressive Austin Dobson Collection at the Beinecke

Books that Started As Blogs


My Sentimental Library

Another One That Got Away, One I Gave Away, and One That Headed My Way; or, The Adventures and Misadventures of MoiBibliomaniac


Collected Poems by Austin Dobson, London:  Kegan, Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co 1909 8th edition, ALS and holograph poem

Party of One:  The Selected Writings of Clifton Fadiman by Clifton Fadiman, Cleveland:  World Publishing Co. 2005

Red Raider's Diary by Merrill Thomas Dewan, Pittsburegh:  Rose Dog Books, 2009, Inscribed by the author

Official Postmasters' Account and Record Book, Edmeston Post Office, Otsego County, New York, Jan 1911 to Dec 1912, Wm. L. Cooke, Postmaster

Cinderella: A Peepshow Book, Illustrated by Roland Pym, Long Island City:  Folding Books Ltd, 1947 (a pop-up book)

A Memoir on the Origin of Printing:  In a Letter Addressed to John Topham by Ralph Willett, Forest Hills, N.Y. :  Battery Park Book co. 1978

Selected Letters on Politics and And Society by Alexis de Toqueville, edited by Roger Boesche, Berkeley: University of California Press 1985

American Vertigo:  On the Road From Newport to Guantánamo (In the Footsteps of Alexis de Toqueville) by Bernard Henri Lévy, London:  Gibson Square 2006

Huck Finn's America:  Mark Twain and the Era That Shaped His Masterpiece by Andrew Levy, New York:  Simon and Schuster 2015 (donated to the Florida Bibliophile Society monthly raffle).

Noah Webster's First Edition of an American Dictionary of the English Language  (facsimile edition) San Francisco:  Foundation for American Christian Education 2000 (12th printing)

Sir Winston Churchill:  His Life and Paintings by David Coombs Philadelphia:  Running Press 2004


My continuous biblio-connecting post Jul 5, 2011 to the Present has reached its limit in size.   I can no longer add monthly posts to it.  I started a second continuous post this month, Biblio-Connecting Apr 1, 2018 to the Present.

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