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Thursday, December 24, 2020

Welcome to Biblio-Connecting Dec 2020


                                                            And all thru the house....

                                                                              The Stockings....

                                                    Four masks a laying on the footrest with care....

Gnome, Sweet Home!
Bringing a bottle and a bag of Cheer!
                                                                    A Gnome Tree
Counting the Days

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

My Elf on the Shelf

Not even a frosty look from the toad?
Snowmen, large and small

Nativity scenes

More Christmas Decorations

A Round Table of Gnomes

Santa Soap

Holiday Condiments

My wife's B&G Christmas Plates

Happy Holidays From the Gnomes!

                                                                                           A Little Privacy Please?

                                                                MoiBibliomaniac's Christmas Books

Merry Christmas to all!

And to all a Good Night!


NinthgateIbrary said...

Thank you Jerry- Merry Christmas to you and your wife.. The Christmas collection looks wonderful.

Robert said...

Jerry: Happy New Year! (I think my favorite is "Gnome for the Holidays".)

Bob M