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Monday, July 12, 2021

Welcome to Biblio-Connecting: July/Aug 2021

My Personal Reference Websites

When I surf the web, I frequently bookmark the articles and websites that I find interesting.  Some of the websites have appeared in the Found on the Web section of my Biblio-Connecting blog posts.  A few websites, however, are no longer being updated, but the information they provide, in most cases, is still current.

On Visiting Bookshops:

Becoming a Bookseller:

Book Hunting as a Sport: 

Why Do You Have a Personal Library?

Misperceptions About White Gloves:

The Book Arts Web:

Rare Book Hub:

KVK:  Karlsruhe Virtual Catalog:

Women in Book History: A Bibliography

Empty Mirror:

RBMS: Your Old Books

Steve Trussels' Books And Book Collecting:

Steve Trussels' Eclecti City:

The Online Books Page:

Rec.Collecting.Books FAQ:

Ralph Dumain's Autodidact Project:

Care, Handling, and Storage of Books:

Smoke and Odour Removal:

Web Resources For the Rare Materials Cataloger:

The Book-Lover's Library Series:

The Torch Press:

Lakeside Classics:

The Bookplate Society:

The Story of a Bookplate:

Bookplates. Pratt Institute:

The British Book Trade Index:

The Scottish Book Trade Index:

Exeter Working Papers in Book History

The French Book Trade:

Lucille's Publishers:

Biographies of Classical Essayists:

Linda M. Campbell's American Lit Selected Bibliographies

The BL Incunabula Short Title Catalogue:

Spenser and the Tradition: English Poetry 1579-1830:

The National Department of Poetry:

The Curran Index to Victorian Periodicals:

Private Libraries in Renaissance England:

UK Library Hub Discover:

CERL Thesaurus:

Bibliography of Online Neo-Latin Texts


Gateway to Library Catalogs:

NYPL Digital Gallery:

Historic Libraries Forum:

NY State Library Auction Catalogs Collection:

From AACR2 to RDA Library Cataloging:

OCLC Classify:

The National Archives:

National Union Catalog Search of Manuscript Materials:

Catalog of Copyright Entries:

Cornell University Copyright Information Center:

First Line Index of English Verse (The Folger):

First Line Indexes (BSA):

Literary Clubs in the U.S. :

The Chicago Literary Club:

The Ephemera Society of America:

The Bookplate Society:

Heraldry: A Roll of Early American Arms

British Armorial Bindings:

Heraldry Online Blog:

Book Repair For Beginners:

How To Make Your Own Archival Book Cloth:

English Bookbinders:

Edge Decoration in Hand Bookbindings:

The Collectors Club (Stamps):

UK Reading Experience Database:

The John D. MacDonald Home Page:

American Rhetoric:

The Digital Public Library of America:

Project Gutenberg:

The Electronic British Library Journal:

The Library as Incubator Project:

Index of Papers Online:

The UNZ Review of Archives Printed Periodicals and Books

RBM Journal:

Johnsonian News Letter:

Samuel Johnson Sound Bite Page:

Guild of Bookworkers Journal:

The Bonefolder:

Studies in Bibliography:

Previews of Fine Books & Collections Magazine:

The Underground Grammarian Newsletter:

A. S. W. Rosenbach Lectures in Bibliography:

Pepys' Diary:

Bibliography of Literary Annuals:

A Descriptive Bibliography of Edmond Hoyle:

Orbis Typographicus:

Beneath Thy Feet. Secrets From the Grave:

Grolier Club Videos:

Authenticity of Print Materials:


I post this last entry in memory of my friend Lee J. Harrer who died on April 14, 2021.  Lee was a founding member of the Florida Bibliophile Society, and one of my mentors. 

Lee Harrer on Charles Hamilton, Elbert Hubbard and the Roycrofters

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