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Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Welcome to Biblio-Connecting January 2022


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Webcast and Online Events at the Smithsonian

Traci Thomas on Instagram at Shakespeare Lightning Round
Jan 12th 5:00 pm 


Guest Poster: Oliver B. Pollak


My Sentimental Library

Contemplations of MoiBibliomaniac



On the Gathering of a Library by Hal. H. Smith, Privately printed, Mount Vernon, N.Y. 1943.

The Carl H. Pforzheimer Library, English Literature, 1475-1700 edited by William A. Jackson, New Castle: Oak Knoll Press, 1997.

The Printed Catalogue of the Harvard College Library, 1723-1790 edited by W. H. Bond, Boston: Colonial Society of Massachusetts, 1996.

The Museum: a Catalog Raisonne of Rare, Valuable and Curious Books Offered For Cash at the Affixed Low Prices by Bernard Quaritch, London: Bernard Quaritch, 1862.

Catalogue of the Library of J. Walter K. Eyton by Joseph Walter King, Provo: Repressing Publishing 2013 (facsimile of 1848 catalogue)

Notes on the Importance of Private Legal Documents For the Writing of Biography and Literary History by Frederick A. Pottle, Lancaster: Lancaster Press, 1962.

The Correspondence of James Boswell and John Johnston of Grange edited by Ralph S. Walter,
 London, Heinemann, 1966.

Hester Lynch Piozzi's Adopted Son by Lillian D. Bloom,  [New Haven]; The Johnsonians, 1980.

The Steal:  The Attempt to Overturn the 2020 election and the People Who Stopped It by Mark Bowden and Matthew Teague, Boston: Atlantic Monthly, 2022.

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Ten Years of Christmas-Related Biblio-Connecting Posts

Welcome to Biblio-Connecting Dec 2011

Dec 23, 2011: 

Today is Friday, and that means toodling with the Harrises in the thrift stores, bookstores, and antique stores in the Tampa Bay area.  At a thrift store I see a name on the spine of a book grabs my attention: Hallie Flanagan: A Life in the Theatre.

 I already have her book Dynamo: An Adventure in the College Theatre, New York, 1943.  Hallie was the leader of the experimental theatre at Vassar.  Mary Hyde, then Mary Crapo, wrote and starred in some of the plays. Another book for my Mary Hyde Collection! 

Afterwards, we exchange Christmas gifts with the Harrisses. Tom's wife, Eve, gets trinket boxes from my wife. Tom gets a shelf full of biographies about movie stars from me, and chocolate and tea from my wife. My wife gets books about Hawaii and B&G plates. And I get books for three of my collections. from Tom & Eve.  

Dec 25, 2011: 
My wife and I spend an enjoyable Christmas Day at my son Craig's house with his wife Tina and her father and brother

We share gifts after dinner.  Tina & Craig give me a Kindle!  Mind you, I will always prefer book in hand, but the Kindle will come in handy on trips. 

Welcome to Biblio-Connecting Dec 2012:

My blog this month is all about Christmas.  Even My Sentimental Library blog has a Christmas theme: Twelve Blog Posts for Christmas.

I brought in something like twelve boxes of Christmas decorations from the garage. And my wife decorated my bookshelves, our furniture, and the rest of our house:

Merry Christmas to All!

And to All...

A Reindeer Cupcake 4U!

Welcome to Biblio-Connecting Dec 2013: 

image credit: Viriditas   lighting credit: Google+ Auto Awesome

From tree to shining tree! 
I love Christmas! 
And to think it's only two weeks away! 

Just remember one thing: No matter how full the shelves are, a bibliophile can always find room for one more book!  

But if you want to get something different for the bibliophile, here are a few suggestions:

How about a unique library table?

Delight your bibliophile with a book lamp!

How about a finial to put the finishing touches on the book lamp?

Every bibliophile needs storage boxes. And mine blend in with my library table.

Bless you! Care for a tissue?

You can throw the tissue away in here:

Do you know what time it is!

How about a library chair for the bibliophile?

Chotskys anyone?

Maybe a pen holder and tray?

I know! A dictionary stand!

There are always bookends. . . .

How about a book press? When not in use, it serves as a bookend.

Finally, don't forget to leave a little something for Santa!


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A Christmas Carol At The Morgan Library

A Christmas Carol At The Cleveland Public Library

The Night Before Christmas At The John Hay Library, Brown University

A Shakespeare Christmas At The Herbert Hoover Presidential Library

A White Christmas At The Library of Congress

Children's Christmas Books At The Belk Library, Appalachian State University

The Huntington Holiday Train At The Columbus Metropolitan Library

Merry Christmas to all,
And to all a good night!


Writing about Don Brady and his miniature books has come full circle: from mention in this very blog, to its posting in another one of my blogs, to a series of articles in a periodical, to a chapter in a magnificent book, to mention in a book society's newsletter, and now back to this blog, where I have "biblio-connected" all the contributions to the various media outlets."

"Don Brady, Printer and Bookbinder" was the original title I had chosen for my blog post.  But as the words flowed onto the screen the next month, a better title came to mind: "From Whence They Came:  Don Brady And His Miniature Books."

James M. Brogan, editor of THE MICROBIBLIOPHILE, liked my blog post and persuaded me to write a three-part series of articles about Don Brady's books, "From Whence They Came, Mother Books and Their Miniatures."

"Little old me" was one of the people interviewed for Rebecca Rego Barry's first book,  Rare Books Uncovered:  True Stories of Fantastic Finds in Unlikely Places.  And I told Rebecca the story of my friend Don Brady's books, which Rebecca titled, "The Motherlode of Mini Books."

  Rebecca inscribed my copy of her book at the book signing dinner I had arranged for her with the Florida Bibliophile Society at Chili's in New Port Richey on November 23rd.

I had invited a special guest to the book signing dinner:  Don's wife Mary Brady. 

And I bought a copy of Rebecca's book for Mary, which Rebecca inscribed.

And Charles Brown, President of the Florida Bibliophile Society, wrote all about it in the Florida Bibliophile Society's December Newsletter.

And at the end of the night, Mary gave Rebecca a copy of one of her husband's books, Why the Chimes Rang, a lovely story by itself, but made even more sentimental by the occasion...

And by Don's dedication in the book:

Happy Holidays!

Welcome to Biblio-Connecting Dec 2016 

Welcome to Biblio-Connecting Dec 2017 

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CharlesDickens and the Spirit of Christmas at the Morgan

Norfolk Public Library Holiday Events

Christmas in Florida

Check Your Local Listings for Holiday Events In Your Area


        Welcome to Biblio-Connecting Dec 2018 

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Seton Hall University Know More Giving Tree Nov 19-Dec 7

Find a Chanukah Event Near You Dec 2-10

Tree Lighting at the Gleeson Library, University of San Francisco Dec 3

A Christmas Carol at Penn State Dec 3-6

The Legend of the Christmas Spider Puppet Show Dec 15


100 Christmas Stories from

Bob Dylan Reading Twas the Night Before Christmas

Christmas Books Published by the Late Don Brady

Pavoratti & Domingo Singing Cantique De Noel/O Holy Night

Welcome to Biblio-Connecting Dec 2019 

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

And Happy New Year!

Welcome to Biblio-Connecting Dec 2020


                                                            And all thru the house....